Transparency, Efficiency, Fairness and Accountability in Public Sector Procurement.



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About Us

The National Procurement and Tender Administration was established in accordance with Section 16 (1) of the Procurement Act 2003 which came into effect in November 2004, with the signing of the Order by the Minister of Finance.

The mission of NPTA is to facilitate the establishment and implementation of a regulatory environment conducive to transparency, economy, efficiency, openness, fairness and accountability in public sector procurement.

Functions of the Administration

The main functions assigned to NPTA under Section 17 of the Procurement Act 2003 are:

  • The processing of all procurement above the thresholds laid down for the Ministerial, Regional, Departmental and District Tender Boards, which involve:
      • Bid Openings
      • The Nomination of Evaluation Committees
      • Review of Evaluation Reports
      • Preparation of Cabinet Memoranda
      • Issuing Approvals
      • Policy assistance, capacity building and monitoring in the areas of Issuance and dissemination of the Act, Regulations, directives, procedures and standard bidding documents etc.
      • Capacity building and organisation and delivery of training programmes
      • Creation of Management Information Systems (MIS)
      • Introduction of electronic procurement